9169 Jalan Negara, Taman Melawati, 53100 Kuala Lumpur

A.P Art Gallery is one of the pioneer art gallery in Malaysia. Founded in 1983, the humble beginnings of the gallery started out with Rahime Harun – a man who had been collecting art since the 80s ambitiously hoping to own his own art museum one day. Rahime Harun was involved in Anak Alam and Balai Seni Lukis before establishing A.P Art gallery in Taman Melawati with his wife Zarina Ariffin. During its operation under Rahime Harun, A.P Art Gallery strived to promote young and upcoming artists, undertake talented artists for apprenticeship, and enhancing art appreciation throughout the region. A.P Art Gallery’s 3 floor shophouse consisted of an art gallery, workshop space, frame making studio, and home. He gave his permanent art space the name ‘A.P Art Gallery’ in short for ‘Art Promoter Art Gallery’.

Over the years, A.P Art Gallery’s collection grew as Rahime Harun continued to collect various artworks of different forms, styles and themes. Today his collection holds a significant body of work that is of importance to Malaysian Art and its history. Some significant works in his collection are from renowned Malaysian artists such as Abdullah Arif, Patrick Ng, Awang Damit, Khalil Ibrahim, Syed Ahmad Jamal, and Dzulkfili Buyong, just to name a few. The context and narratives of his collection play an important role in the research of local visual art today and forevermore.

After his passing in 2008, Rahime Harun’s legacy continues to live on in 2018. After 10 years of A.P Art Gallery being in a hiatus, Rahime’s daughter, Nazura Zahian Rahime, has reinvented and revived A.P Art Gallery with their first exhibition ​Eulogy​. Today the gallery still remains in Taman Melawati and is now equipped with a new addition of a shop that offers affordable paintings, etchings, and drawings to its visitors. Nazura’s new vision for A.P Art Gallery is to bridge the gap between art lovers of different levels by holding art talks, art workshops, & art classes at the gallery alongside its art exhibitions.

A.P Art Gallery showcases Rahime Harun’s 30 year collection, modern masters, and young upcoming artists from the local art scene. A.P. Art Gallery strives to share their collection with all levels of the local community in hope that it will aid in research, inspire the public and spread the appreciation of art.

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